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(no subject)
 gavinrossdale - (thecolorarlan)
11:39am 07/04/2006
thecolorarlan posting in Gavin Rossdale
hey:-) i have a magazine called Interlude and we're doing a fundraiser thats really cool...you can click on the pic for more info. thanks everyone!


Click on the picture to order our latest issue with Fall Out Boy and Jenny Lewis on a double cover! Rare GAVIN ROSSDALE posters also available!

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(no subject)
12:47am 08/04/2006 (UTC)
I wish I could...
so are the magazines actually shipping right now?
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(no subject)
07:29am 07/06/2006 (UTC)
does anyone have the interlude interview he did a while ago...i never got to buy it.
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