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(no subject)
 gavinrossdale - (hearts_stars_xo)
10:59pm 30/10/2005
♪♬let it play♪♬. posting in Gavin Rossdale

I'm new here so I hope its ok to post concert reviews. If not, please let me know and I'll delete it.

*pardon my moment of fangirl-isms* I copied this from my journal.

We went to the Virgin Megastore outlet at the venue and there was a long line and we wanted to know what it was for. While in line, someone told Matt that if you buy something from the store, you get a wristband to meet the bands and you got to go in the shorter line.

I was meeting Audioslave at the time and actually missed Institute's set.  We went in to watch them, but only caught the last song. They played Bush songs and I missed them! :*(


Bummed about missing them, I went and bought their cd so I could get another wristband and meet them. The guys were really really nice. Gavin was at the end and this girl asked him for a hug. I mumbled "ugh thats SO not fair!" and Charlie said "whats not?" and I said "she got a hug!" and he smiled...really cute smile btw :). Walked up to Gavin and with an adorable smile, he said "do you want a hug too?" I *very nervously* said, uh...yeah...sure". Gavin grabbed me and hugged me for a long time [and I'm not just saying a hug around the waist...I'm talking about a full top half body hug]. I'm screaming at Matt to take a pic while Gavin has this huge smile on his face and staring at the camera. I almost died. Unfortunately, my camera decides to go stupid and everyone was moving around at the time and he didnt get the pic :*(. He is SUCH a sweetheart. He signs his entire name instead of how most people just sign initials or scribbles and he's really careful when writing it and he stood up the whole time and leaned in and talked to everyone. I walked away screeching and jumping up and down. After that, everyone asked for hugs, but Gavin asked ME for one. *sigh*  I never thought in a million years I'd get to meet Gavin :D.

Gavin's eye lol:






you cant see his smile here, but it was adorable:






cd booklet:


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(no subject)
03:34am 02/11/2005 (UTC)
♪♬let it play♪♬.
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